031816 – 151 Swizzle


{click for larger version} So this is one of my favorite cocktails the 151 Swizzle. I am surprised this drink is not more complicated. This drink has crushed ice – so I made tiny versions of the big ice cubes. My eyes were crossing while I was cutting them. I also love the frosty metal cup this gets served in at the Mai-Kai. This will likely be the first drink I get when I get the chance to go back.

The work itself is  roughly 5″ x 10″
This exact piece is not for sale. There is something (I think my blood) on the back of the paper – but if interested let me know and I can figure out a price and make you your own.

Email for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.


l-r : 151 Swizzle, Shruken Skull, Daiquiri, Mojito, Zombie, Navy Grog, Mai Tai (my drink menu continues to expand)



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