062216 – Molding parts


My vertigo has been effecting me for the past week or so – so not really in the right frame of mind to cut things – esp. since most of the time everything is spinny.

Though the other night I got a crazy idea in my head that I want to make an under the sea headpiece for the show, The Little Mermaid, which is bring performed at the children’s theater I work for. Now I make headpieces for every show – but I was not planning on going big for this. I have been looking for seahorse charms for a while and I had toyed with molding my own – so I thought this was a great time to try it. So I got some chocolate molds and model magic and went to town. Other than the mermaid tail and octopus, the other parts were molded and then had details reinforced into them.

Right now these are drying, but tomorrow I plan on painting them – so on Friday can I can assemble the headpiece. There will be flowers and tulle (for netting) to really round it all out.


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