071016 – Abstracted Architecture


So I went ahead and broke up the purple background and I liked the openness of it – but then I felt it was too open. I did go ahead and complete the crown on the top and that helped – but still I wasn’t happy with it. I stared at this for about an hour.


Then I realized I wanted to have some of color in the background. I tried a few and finally decided on this green. I tried a complete fill and didn’t like it at all – then I though about breaking it up into 2 columns. I liked it better – but still too heavy. So I stared at this and the photo I took of the hotel for another hour.

I then had a thought – what about if I mimicked the awesome geometric pattern of the wall that surrounds part of the building back by the parking lot. I’ve always found the pattern of the wall to be so cool. I am liking this A LOT better now!!!



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