091916 – First vinyl cut


I received my Silhouette Cameo 3 about 3 hours ago. Of course as soon as it was delivered I instantly whisked it upstairs and removed my dead printer and replaced it with this new shiny white toy. I had the graphic already in the app – but realized I did not make it correctly in AI. SO I did some work on it and came up with something that should work.

I decided to dive right in and cut some vinyl. The bundle I picked had 2 dozen sheets of vinyl so I picked the color I liked the least (not an orange person) and gave it a try. My first attempt was too small. It cut everything, but lines were too thin – so I beefed up the lines and made it larger and printed again. While it’s not perfect – I am pretty happy with this. Need to rework the AI file some and do a print on a color I like better – but I thought this was good enough to get installed on my car.


Here is the small scissors from the initial cut. I might try and make solid versions that are small enough to go onto my nails.



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