110516 – Playing with an idea

So I LOVED making the pendant/ Ornaments last year and been thinking of way to improve upon them. One thing was hoping can do since purchasing my vinyl cutter was to have the ability to cut out things from styrene sheets to be able to up the game a little bit. Today I bought some sheets and played around with settings – and I think I found something that I can work with.


The top picture is what my basic idea is. The second picture is the layout. There is a base piece – 2 bevels (the material is only 0.75mm each piece) and then a decorative top piece. The artwork would be on the base piece – with the bezels and the top piece keeping the artwork sealed. The artwork would again be sealed – to keep it safe.  The squares were a lot easier to get out of the sheet – so I will likely start playing with that shape. They need some sanding – but not too bad for just the machine cutting – no manual cutting was done.

Here is a mockup of the whole idea. There will of course be a tab part of it too – just forgot to cut that in my test


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