121216 – Safety Pin #24

So here is safety pin #24 (larger image)
12/12/16 – Safety Pin #24 | $28 SOLD I think

So this was a request came via email. I am waiting to hear back from the person to see if they love it or not!

Email to secure a piece like this or a different combo for yourself or simply for more information. If interested in one like this or one in other colors, please let me know, I am building a list of color preferences for people I am close to my 30 pieces with the requests I already have– so get requests in! There are now only 2 spots for requests up for grabs otherwise they will be artist choice!!!

So as of 12-12-16 – We are at $505.08 to be donated!!! I didn’t count this one in the $$$ – so it is likely $20 more. So only  Safety Pin #12 and Safety Pin #20 are currently available – so if interested jump on it and let me raise that number! I can really visualize making the goal if not even maybe going a bit over!!!

–as a reminder here is a breakdown of the project —

I want to do something! So I am going to create a series of small simple works of safety pins. They will all roughly be 4″x 6″ and be in fun colors. I am going to sell these works in order to make a donation to several organizations.

The organizations I would like to donate money to are:

  • The Trevor Project
  • DC Coalition for Immigrants
  • a local rape hotline/crisis center
  • Washington Peace Center
  • ACLU
  • Planned Parenthood

-The idea is simple – I make 30 of these artworks.
– I sell them each at $28 (this includes shipping in US) and $20 of this get donated. The $8 is used to cover supplies, shipping, and credit card processing fees. If you are local and want to pay cash and do a pickup – we can knock it down a few bucks – or I’ll include those fees in the donation.
– You get a matted original artwork that should easily pop into most 8×10 frames.
(Framing can be added for an additional cost)
– All payments will go through Square – either in person or via an invoice sent via email.

Once all 30 works are sold I will be splitting the money from the donations among the 6 organizations – giving them each $100. If all 30 works are NOT sold by December 30 – I will be splitting all the donation money evenly between the organizations.


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