The Safety Pin Project

120616-safetypin20So yesterday’s was the last pin – out of the 30 pieces I made – now only one is still available – safety pin #20.

Email to secure this pin or to simply for more information.

Now I few invoices have yet been paid (and some people are paying me in person) Though as of right now – the current total raised for donation is  $738.16. This number might go up as well – when some of the other ones are paid for. I am so overwhelmed with everyone’s supports and enthusiasm for the project. I am so happy that all the organizations are getting a nice sized donation – and it all because of you!!! I can thank you enough!!!

I will continue to make announcements about the total raised as well as to try and sell pin #20. If this pin doesn’t sell by  Dec. 30 I will be making the donation without it – and hope can make a second donation from it’s sale. I am also going to be putting some of the designs I came up with on shirts and such to continue to raise more money – so keep your eyes on the blog!!!

Here is all 30 pin!!


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