A new page for safety pin merch

So I am going to make new designs for safety merch (and some other designs) for sale on Red Bubble. Since this is going to be ongoing I made a new page on the blog – https://sagworks.wordpress.com/safety-pin-merchandise/

Also here is the red bubble direct link: http://www.redbubble.com/people/sagworks

I am excited b/c there are some things I have been wanting to put on wearables for a long time! After(maybe before) I get more safety pin designs up  some things with a graphic for the march I am going to work on some other designs. I can not wait until this becomes a dress! This is something I have wanted as a dress forever. My plan was just to make a dress and do the printing of the design myself – though this is way easier. I made the original illustrator mockup in 2012…scissors-aline-dress-mockup


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