020317 – Window Display


At work I get to create window displays for the gift shop. The theater is about to start The Freshest Snow Whyte – a modern futuristic hip hop version of Snow White. The show looks to be amazing with a really cool set – so wanted to play that up. Now I have a $20 budget – so not a lot to work with – so I need to be creative!!!

I am really happy with how the cut panels turned out. They are posterboard cut out with colored plastics inside (the red and blue is what I used to make3D glasses a few years back) They use a lot of cool lights on the stage – and I thought this was a fun way to mimic that idea. Of course the future is shiny – so there is silver fabric I had and I even covered a book shelf in foil!!


I also made fake spray cans and I got to use my vinyl cutter for some window graphics. I am hoping I have some budget left, so I can get some more vinyl so I can add some cut vinyl to the window top (not pictured). Some days my job is more fun that others!!!


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