073017- leaving my studio 

So I am moving out of my studio and into a storage unit. I am taking some time to recharge! I am not done creating – just taking some time to refocus. I have a little area in my house for me to work once I am inspired!

I have recycled so much paper scraps!! I’ve cut all the paper down so have a tub full- but this is all the unusable parts. It is sad to throw these away….

If interested in purchasing any work, now is a great time!! All work will continue to be available, it just might take me a few days to get to the storage unit.

One thought on “073017- leaving my studio 

  1. Hi. I just had a nearly 2 year break from creating art! I’m a paper artist as well and took on a full-time job which slowed me down and changed my focus. I knew it would happen and was ok with the plan. But after nearly 2 years of low to no art production i decided the “sabbatical” or “break” needs to end and I’m making changes, (this week actually)!! I am moving my studio this week closer to home and starting collabertive artist teaching space! So change is good and just happens. Recharge! I’m sure you will find the path that always leads you to art!

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