051817 – Tetanus show day!!!

I am a little late (should have happened in early January) but I finally got my tetanus shot!!! My arm is a little sore – but a lot better than I remember last time. A tetanus show is a pretty good thing to have up to date when you work with razor blades!!!


050917- oriental dwarf kingfisher statusĀ 

I’ve been a terrible blogger- just so exhausted when I get home- so I apologize. So I’ve made some progress on this little bird. I had some errors in my drawing and messed some things up so had to do some reworking- but I am back on track!

041817- Paper Jungle

I feel I have underestimated the size of this project. I am making a paper jungle for a large display area. I’ve had people making flowers and cutting leaves for days and I am hoping we have enough for stage 1. Tomorrow need to start making leaf garlands and vines and I hope to start the actual installation!