042417 – Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher Status


This is a small bird – but there are SO MANY COLORS!!! This little guy needs a lot of planning to get this right. So here is the drawing in a cut by numbers style. Now that I have done this I feel like there is a solid plan in place and hopefully it will make things go smoothly!!


042117- paper jungle round 1

So this is what my life has been taken over by the past week and a half. This is just stage 1…. I had a lot of great helpers and will need them in the coming weeks- we need so many more flowers for more vines…. At least I got to paper craft at work!!

041817- Paper Jungle

I feel I have underestimated the size of this project. I am making a paper jungle for a large display area. I’ve had people making flowers and cutting leaves for days and I am hoping we have enough for stage 1. Tomorrow need to start making leaf garlands and vines and I hope to start the actual installation!

041717 – nothing of interest

So had a lovely time with my husband’s family for Easter lunch. I wore bunny ears all day!!! Though today has been very sad – I have been thinking a lot about my dad today. I am not a good jew by any means – but I was informed today was a special day of Passover to remember loved ones you have passed away. I bought a candle and lit it and spent some time talking to my dad. I really miss him! I have been doing a lot of running myself ragged working one of my 6 jobs at all times – so the sadness is extra tough. They are available for sale if interested.

041117- more work cutting

I am doing a lot of cutting at work. I am in charge of the gift shop’s window display. This used all the leaves I cut yesterday. Luckily I had a team of people cutting more leaves and I had a flower factory in place too! The window display is almost done. I need to make a large leaf that I will do more intricate cut work for. Then need to cut 100’s of more leaves and make a ton more flowers so I can turn our box office and rest of the gift shop into a jungle. Plus a lobby display and then slowly make the jungle grow to take over the building. SO MUCH CUTTING!!!!