Safety Pin Merchandise

All the merchandise is available on my red Bubble page

These are just samples of products available – check the red bubble page for more items.

I want to do something! So I created a series of small simple works of safety pins. They were all roughly be 4″x 6″ and in fun colors. I sold these works to make a donation to several organizations. Through the sale of these works I was able to raise over $800

The organizations I donated money raised to are:

  • The Trevor Project
  • DC Coalition for Immigrants
  • a local rape hotline/crisis center
  • Washington Peace Center
  • ACLU
  • Planned Parenthood

This isn’t enough!!! I have several of these safety pins set up for sale as prints, t-shirts, dresses, notebooks, travel mugs and more. A portion of these sales will also be donated!!! I feel so happy to have been able to raise so much money – but I want to keep the momentum going and be able to make more donations. There is more than can be done – #lovebeatshate!