042417 – Oriental Dwarf Kingfisher Status


This is a small bird – but there are SO MANY COLORS!!! This little guy needs a lot of planning to get this right. So here is the drawing in a cut by numbers style. Now that I have done this I feel like there is a solid plan in place and hopefully it will make things go smoothly!!

021317 – Pink Robin

{click for larger version} This is a happy bird!! He is pink and squishy!!!

The work itself is  roughly 5″ x 5″ | Framed in 8″ x 10″ frame || $TBD
for availability, pricing, payment directions, or for more information.

– The current roster of birds –
(from l to r /  t-b) Pink Robin, White Crested Turaco, Red Legged Honey Creeper, Himalayan Black-Lored Tit, Garnet Pitta, Carolina Wren, Hildebrandt Starling, Hoopoe, Splendid Fairy Wren, Resplendent Quetzal, Red Crested Cardinal, Prothonotary Warbler, Green Headed Tanager, Lilac Breasted Roller, Gouldian Finch, Blue-winged Kookabura, Little Bee Eater,Blue Tit, Painted Bunting, Bluejay, Cardinal, Squiggle Bird (Kingfisher-esque)

021317-pink-robin041716-white-crest-turaco012216-red-legged-honey-creeper123015-Himalayan-black-lored-tit081415-garnet-pitta031415-carolina-wren030915-HildebrandtStarling022815-Hoopoe020115-splendind-fairy-wren093014-resplendent-quetzal090614-red-crested-cardinal041914-ProthonotaryWarbler 032914-green-headed-tangaer101813-lilac-roller092213-gouldian-finch 072713-Blue-wingedKookaburra070713-little-bee-eater083012-blue-tit072312-painted-bunting060112-bluejay-lg032312-cardinal-lg031612-green-bird-squiggle-lg

020417 – Pink Robin Status


So I made some progress on this little pretty bird today.

Today was hard and had trouble concentrating – one of my cats, Samoa, had to be rushed to the vet and ended up having emergency surgery. He is at the Vet ER recuperating for next 48 hours and will be better for now – then need to do diet changes and meds and hope for the best that he won’t need another surgery. His brother doesn’t seem overly concerned!

011517 – Commission status


Finally got back into my studio to do some work on this bird. This a commission that I’ve been working on for a LONG time. Feel I am making actual progress!! I have the first wing on the second bird and I hope to get the bulk of the remaining work done (if not all) tomorrow.

I really hope have the time tomorrow – my new Lularoe inventory is coming in (yes I am a new consultant!) so my studio time might get cut short when I get work that it has arrived!!!011517-commission-chest-status