010916 – I am a slacker

Yes – I am a bit of a slacker this start of 2017. Have had a lot going on and not really spending time in the studio. I’ll start going back this weekend to finish up a commission and to start on a super cute new bird.

So while I don’t have anything new to share just wanted to pass on a 20% coupon code for RedBubble. Use the code NEWTHINGS20 and receive 20% off your order. I used the code myself and ordered myself 2 new dresses. These 2 beauties should be here by the end of the week and I can’t wait to show them off!!! So check out my other designs on RedBubble.

A new page for safety pin merch

So I am going to make new designs for safety merch (and some other designs) for sale on Red Bubble. Since this is going to be ongoing I made a new page on the blog – https://sagworks.wordpress.com/safety-pin-merchandise/

Also here is the red bubble direct link: http://www.redbubble.com/people/sagworks

I am excited b/c there are some things I have been wanting to put on wearables for a long time! After(maybe before) I get more safety pin designs up  some things with a graphic for the march I am going to work on some other designs. I can not wait until this becomes a dress! This is something I have wanted as a dress forever. My plan was just to make a dress and do the printing of the design myself – though this is way easier. I made the original illustrator mockup in 2012…scissors-aline-dress-mockup

122016 – Safety Pin Project success!!!

There is still the one pin available – and there are still 2 pins not paid for – but knowing the donation amount for those, as well as adding a bit more donation $$ for artworks that were delivered – my total as of right now is $806.16. I am so excited!!!!

So I want to keep donation coming in – so with some encouragement I have started to put some of the pin designs up on redbubble. Only 3 are up now – but in the next week or so I plan to work up several more. I won’t lie I am IN LOVE with the graphic dress!!! So here are some sample of what is currently up.