040317 – Blue Fish Doodle


So another day couldn’t stay focused. So I worked on another little doodle!! This is another one that I really like. I am just not ready to focus on feathers…..

The work itself is  roughly 5.25″ x 5.5″  | $35 unframed/ $50 framed (+tax and shipping)

Email for availability, payment directions, or for more information.


032917 – Orange doodle


I was having problems staying focus and was working in the dark all day – since the auto lights keep shutting off and the sensor doesn’t see me (hoping they fix this) I have an idea in my head but having problems getting it together – I just wanted to do something fun and loose that would make me smile. So this is what I came up with – did some doodling and I liked it a lot.

The work itself is  roughly 4.5″ x 4.5″  | $35 unframed/ $50 framed (+tax and shipping)

Email for availability, payment directions, or for more information.

050816 – Some Mother’s Day Doodling


I am doing some massive home cleaning and I came across this little plastic box from carefirst that had REALLY old first aid supplies in it. I threw all of that away but I want to make the box look cool. So I am working on something for it. I like where the ideas are going. I didnt get any cutting done today – my hand is sore and I did some other projects in the studio. (can see more info on that on my other blog – sagworks2)

030616 – Spoonflower Design A Day – Day 6 – Geometric


I had so much fun in the studio today!!! So this was another theme I was really stoked about – “Geometric”. This was super fun to work up. I approached it like a scrap doodle – keeping loose and having fun with the drawing and the shapes. I did these two drawings to be separate and then to  combine them in photoshop to make a repeatable pattern. I did make them so they would fit into each. This was exactly what I needed today – something to clear my mind and to just enjoy the creation.

Though when I had all the pieces cut I wanted to see how they looked all together and I really like that too – so now I do not know which was I want to go. I do know I am going to add some minor detail work on the yellow – but I will think about it overnight. Let me know your preference?


030216-Spoonflower Design A Day (day2)

I hate this theme. No disrespect to watercolor artists but I really hate the medium. So after many failed digital attempts to create some I love, I decided to play with the tools to get more comfortable with them. So I used yesterday’s sketch as my base. The above was done on an iPad using sketches pro. It was a fun app after some learning curve. I also did some playing in Adobe sketch.  They both had pluses and cons.

While this was fun and I good use of time exploring other methods to create work, this was really academic to me. If this is the final theme of this challenge I won’t be reworking it. Though I do think side my time wisely.