031016 – Block printing pattern idea


So went back to work on Spoonflower Design A Day – Day4, Block printing. So here is the scan of the print I made from the blocks I cut out of Speedy Carve. I forgot my carving tool and ended up using my exacto knife – so I know I can likely do a better job with the real tool – but don’t hate what I did. I took my scan and worked it in photoshop and came up with this design. I am pretty happy with where it is.



Screen shot 2016-03-10 at  - Mar10, 16 | 9.35.58 PM

030516 – Spoonflower Design A Day – Day 5 – Pen & Ink

030516-design-a-day4-fish-pattern-fabricScreen shot 2016-03-05 at  - Mar5, 16 | 10.15.40 PM

Today’s spoonflower theme is “Pen & Ink”. Now I had intended to work on a pen and ink drawing of that first pencil drawing (and I will might) but by the time I got home from work, ate, and exercised – was not in the mood to go back downstairs and get my sketchpad. (Seriously my legs and like jelly right now) so I started putzing around on my computer.

100515-IF-inkNow you guys might remember the fish from the Illustration Friday theme of “ink”. I had an idea in my head. Now this was NOT what I had in mind, but I really loved the result I was coming up with – it needs work, but there is something here that I am really digging. To be honest I might play with this pen and ink style and make some sort of seahorse or octopus or jellyfish. I would love to see this same idea – but with those animals. This is a fabric I would proud buy and wear!!!

Playing around with fabric idea

Screen shot 2016-02-10 at  - Feb10, 16 | 8.18.55 PM

So toying with the designs I made in December that I dont exactly know what to do with. So toying with turning the designs into fabric. Been playing with them all week. I am liking where I am at right now. I like the scale of it on the top, but the bottom shows the overall patterning. I might add a little more white space and do some other tweaking – but I think I am close.

Screen shot 2016-02-10 at  - Feb10, 16 | 8.18.12 PM