071520- this would be an awesome barrette

It’s like a fun abstracted atomic rocket kinda piece. I was focusing on a vertical stack on this one. I like it a lot!!!!

This can be a pendant but would be awesome brooch or an even more awesome barrette. What do you think it should become?? It’s available- so let me know if you are interested!!!

Feeling great to create again


I’ve been creating again and doing so consistently. For the past few weeks Ive been working on a new vegan leather brooch every weekday. So my plan is to go back to my blogging roots – a new piece (or status on one) every Monday – Friday.

These first pieces are all $25 shipped while I still learn and practice. Some are pendants, a few are hair clips, but most are brooches. Some have magnetic backs and some pin backs and others just waiting for a preference.

Let me know if you’d like to see a detail of any of these. Also am doing custom pieces too!!!

110716 – Cameo fun


SQUEE – this worked!!! So with the Cameo and some knife work I was able to make this 2.5 styrene xacto blade. I will of course be wearing this as a necklace. Not sure if I want to cover it in vinyl for a fun color or to keep it white???

I also recut the ‘fence’ piece for the pendant and it is MUCH cleaner. I am glued parts of the together and it is setting. I’ll share pictures when I am wearing them!!

110616 – Working out the idea

So I made a little 2″ work and adhered it to the base plate and put a coat of sealer on it. You can see how it will assembled. Tomorrow I am going to play with my adhesive to make sure it doesn’t melt the plastic. I also cut a new fence (top layer) and going to see if it is easier to remove using my knife. Again this is a prototype and I hope I can figure out a way to make these work!!!

110516 – Playing with an idea

So I LOVED making the pendant/ Ornaments last year and been thinking of way to improve upon them. One thing was hoping can do since purchasing my vinyl cutter was to have the ability to cut out things from styrene sheets to be able to up the game a little bit. Today I bought some sheets and played around with settings – and I think I found something that I can work with.


The top picture is what my basic idea is. The second picture is the layout. There is a base piece – 2 bevels (the material is only 0.75mm each piece) and then a decorative top piece. The artwork would be on the base piece – with the bezels and the top piece keeping the artwork sealed. The artwork would again be sealed – to keep it safe.  The squares were a lot easier to get out of the sheet – so I will likely start playing with that shape. They need some sanding – but not too bad for just the machine cutting – no manual cutting was done.

Here is a mockup of the whole idea. There will of course be a tab part of it too – just forgot to cut that in my test

062416- Under the Sea headpiece

I am pretty happy with the result of this. It was not what I originally intended to create- but that generally is the way these come together. I put the octopus on and messed it up by rhinestoning in- so that got replaced with the fish tail. It is pretty large and take up a little over half of my crown. Though it is pretty well balanced and was held secured tonight with Bobby pins- we will see how it fares tomorrow.