070120- barkcloth inspiration

I was struggling today with trying to put together something. I wasn’t feeling inspired and there were a lot of bad doodles happening. I started looking through some vintage fabric and then started doodling again and came up with this design. I really do love it!

This still needs a pin back but it can be ready to ship in a few days. It’s available – let me know if you’re interested! Or would like some more info!!

Feeling great to create again


I’ve been creating again and doing so consistently. For the past few weeks Ive been working on a new vegan leather brooch every weekday. So my plan is to go back to my blogging roots – a new piece (or status on one) every Monday – Friday.

These first pieces are all $25 shipped while I still learn and practice. Some are pendants, a few are hair clips, but most are brooches. Some have magnetic backs and some pin backs and others just waiting for a preference.

Let me know if you’d like to see a detail of any of these. Also am doing custom pieces too!!!