072820- resin in leather

The resin was a fail for many reasons. I‘m working out some of the technical issues- but to be honest I’m not sure I like this style. I feel some of the personality of the medium is lost.

So I remade it in vegan leather and I love it!! I think it’s going to make an amazing brooch!! It can be ready to ship in a few days!!

071020- little belated post

You spin me right round baby right round like a record baby right round right round.

I’m a little late posting this. I making this so late in the evening I get so tired and sometimes don’t get to this part and I apologize.

This is available and can be made into a pendant or brooch!! Let me know if you would like more info!!!

Atomic Boomerang

I made this one last month and I love it so much. I love how there are the holes to it. This was a sketch I didn’t know if I would be able to pull off and keep it secure – but I did it!! I’m really stoked that my engineering of this actually worked!!

Im trying to make sure I have good photos of everything I’m making. All the pieces I share are available and I am working on setting up my square store so I can have a way to easily make them available to purchase too! If interested in this you can find it at: sagworks.square.site

Im also up for making custom pieces too!!!

Had to try it out!!