This is the blog for art created every day by Sherill Anne Gross :: sagworks.

All the artwork is made of cut paper, using only paper, glue and patience. Even the signature is cut from paper. These works are all small and one will be created everyday (with a few gaps, ie: my wedding) While creating these smaller works, larger works and commissions will be created as well.

Check out my main website to see some other larger artworks as well as my graphic and web design portfolios. Feel free to contact me if you are interested in my work, interested in a commissioned piece, or interested in me in general. www.sagworks.com

From the one-a-(week)day pieces here are my personal favs:
Day 159: Octopus
Day 144: Pirate & Day 145: Ninja
Day 105: Poem
Day 98: Surgery
Day 79: Headphones
Day 27: Cassette

This list changes as I go on, I get a new favorite every day it seems. There are a lot more of the works that I love and are proud of technically.

8 thoughts on “about

  1. Jen Oakes says:

    How about a piece based on a cicada? I read a lovely little Zen poem about a cicada –

    “A cicada shell; it sang itself utterly away.”

    I like cicadas. The song reminds me of summer afternoons at my grandmother’s house.


  2. Rajesh Mehta says:

    Is there any workshops availale in India. For child & housewives in india is very fond of this type of creativity. Pl. do write us.



  3. Maddie says:

    I discovered you becuase I’m working on a lionfish, and googled images of it. Your beautiful cut piece came up.

    I’m dying to know – why don’t you ever give them eyes? Or in the case of humans, faces?

    • Maddie – I am glad you found my work. Thank you for the compliment!

      The lack of faces is a personal decision. I did do faces in the beginning and I felt that was all you see of the completed work. Also with this medium I felt faces also changed the tone of the work and made them skew from realistic to cartoon-like. I created a face for Beauty Ritual 2 had it placed and realized how much better I felt the piece looked w/o the features and have stuck with it. I have played with facial features but have never liked the end result.

      • Maddie says:

        I think that’s totally fascinating. Eyes are, for sure, what most people fixate on, and without that distraction I find it easier to appreciate the form of your pieces. I can certainly see the appeal of that, especially considering the effort that goes into each one.

        But I would also say that eyes can communicate in a way that body language cannot. When I sew a doll, I sew the eyes last, because that is what gives my doll its self-hood (so I think), its soul if you want to be all spiritual about it. Without eyes, or without faces, a thing is sort of a type of thing, not a specific thing. A species, not an individual. Or (if you’ve taken any philosophy courses you may correct me!) in a Platonic sense, an abstract object instead of a particular object, closer to an idea of that thing. At least, from my perspective.

        I do not mean to say that this makes me think less of your work in any way. Instead, I see each of your pieces as your example of this type of thing – the idea of frog, of a pinup girl wearing rollerskates – etc.

        Maybe that’s all just me. Anyway, rock on.

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