072820- resin in leather

The resin was a fail for many reasons. I‘m working out some of the technical issues- but to be honest I’m not sure I like this style. I feel some of the personality of the medium is lost.

So I remade it in vegan leather and I love it!! I think it’s going to make an amazing brooch!! It can be ready to ship in a few days!!

072220- musical vibes

This matches my mood- little clouded- but there is beauty and complexity there. This is two tones of black and two tones of sparkley pinks.

This will make an amazing brooch both horizontally or vertically. Let me know if interested or would like some better pics!! Problem with making these later at night- poor lighting…

071620- geometric jungle gym

This one almost made itself. I had cut some shapes and started playing around. I love this geometric jungle gym that it became.

I love the strategic places of overlap to give it some structural stability. It is backed in a single piece of vegan leather- so it is pretty sturdy!!

This can be a large pendant or a brooch. What do you think it should become?? It’s available- so let me know if you are interested!!!