112518- I might try creating again

I’ve taken a bit of a break while dealing with the lose of my dad. The itch to create has been creeping up and I came with this doodle for an a very abstract cocktail. This one will be different since planning on using my favorite colors and papers.

What do you think?

Should I pick up my xacto again??


My first fabric creation!!!!


I am in LOVE with this!!!! SO this is a take on my small orange doodle (which is available). This was all hand cut and appliquéd onto a Lularoe Carly dress (which I sell – so if interested let me know) I know this will not be the last piece like this I do!! If interested in something special let me know!!!

Going to work up some more drawings for more works!!!IMG_3903IMG_3902IMG_3901

073017- leaving my studio 

So I am moving out of my studio and into a storage unit. I am taking some time to recharge! I am not done creating – just taking some time to refocus. I have a little area in my house for me to work once I am inspired!

I have recycled so much paper scraps!! I’ve cut all the paper down so have a tub full- but this is all the unusable parts. It is sad to throw these away….

If interested in purchasing any work, now is a great time!! All work will continue to be available, it just might take me a few days to get to the storage unit.